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Stair Runners in Medicine Hat, AB

Transforming your staircase with a custom stair runner from Kimball Carpet One Floor & Home in Medicine Hat, Alberta, isn't just about enhancing aesthetics—it's about fortifying your home against wear and tear. Unlike carpets, stairs endure constant traffic and the relentless force of gravity. Our tailored solutions offer more than just style; they provide crucial insulation and protection, ensuring your stairs withstand the test of time. Elevate your home's appeal and durability with our expertly crafted stair runners, meticulously designed to marry form with function. Experience the difference of a personalized solution tailored to your needs, right here in Medicine Hat.


What Are Stair Runners?

Stair runners are long, narrow carpets or rugs that cover the center portion of a staircase. They are designed to enhance both the appearance and safety of stairs. Stair runners are typically installed over hardwood, tile, or laminate stairs to add warmth, comfort, and style to the staircase. They can also help protect the underlying surface from wear and tear caused by foot traffic. Stair runners come in a variety of materials, patterns, and colors, making them a versatile choice for any home decor.


Types of Stair Runners

At Kimball Carpet One Floor & Home in Medicine Hat, we offer a wide range of stair runners to suit every style and need:



No matter your preference, our team is here to help you find the perfect stair runner for your home in Medicine Hat.


Why Are Stair Runners Important?


Elevate Your Home or Business with Expert Stair Runner Installation

For the seamless integration of a new stair runner into your space, and we highly recommend opting for professional installation. Stair runners are more than just aesthetic additions; they enhance safety, comfort, and longevity. Here's why our professional installation service is a wise choice:



By entrusting your stair runner installation to our skilled professionals, you're not only ensuring a flawless finish but also adding an extra layer of safety and elegance to your space. At Kimball Carpet One Floor & Home, we're committed to making your vision a reality.


Choose Us For Your New Stair Runner

At Kimball Carpet One Floor & Home in Medicine Hat, AB, we are here to elevate your space with comfort, style, and practicality. Visit our showroom for a personalized experience! Our expert team is ready to guide you to the perfect stair runner that fits your style and budget.


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