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Carpet for Stairs

Custom Cut Stair Runners

Carpeting a floor is so frequent, people take for granted how much insulation and protection it provides a home. However, particularly in two-story homes and bigger, the stairs often represent a big challenge. Stairways not only get a lot of traffic, they also take the extra impact of gravity as people climb and descend with their full weight every day. Over time, that kind of traffic and pressure can wear down the best of surfaces. That’s where carpet runners come in. At Kimball Carpet One Floor & Home in Medicine Hat, Alberta, we can help you create a beautiful custom stair runner that will add both style and functionality to your space.



Stair Runner Design and Installation

When designing your custom stair carpet, you can either cover your stairs completely or install a stair runner. Regular carpet runners involve a full surface installation and covering of every step. A stair runner, on the other hand, involves a central partial cover that shows off the original, finished wood of the stairs. We offer a beautiful array of carpet for steps, including everything from classic beiges and creams to bold patterns and intricate textures.

Installing carpet on stairs needs to be performed correctly to ensure a proper fit and to avoid buckling or lifting. Carpet steps need to be snug to avoid creating a tripping hazard, especially with how frequently stairs are typically used in an average home. Our experienced team will ensure your installation is done flawlessly for optimal performance over the years.



Carpet Remnants

Interested in a budget-friendly stair carpet option? Carpet remnants are leftover from the end of our carpet rolls and we offer them at a deeply discounted price. Our carpet remnant selection is continually being updated as we change out our inventory. To see the latest styles and prices, plan a visit to our showroom.



Safe Stair Runners

The best carpet for stairs doesn’t just add protection and beauty. Carpeted steps are also less slippery, and add cushioning in case of a fall. They make it easier for children, elderly family members, and pets to make it up and down the stairs. Kimball Carpet One is well known as one of the best sources of professionally-installed flooring and carpeting. When it comes to your stairs, don't skip steps. Pick the best and see your home transform with new stairway carpeting or covering.

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