Natural Stone Tile For Your Home

Benefits Of Natural Stone Tile

If you are thinking of choosing tile for your flooring project, consider using natural stone flooring.

Stone flooring is the most natural flooring choice available; it is easy to clean, it is hypoallergenic and has been a popular choice for home interior floors for many years. Not only is it incredibly durable and resilient, it's also a popular choice because of its beauty. Just as every plank of hardwood flooring is unique, so too are natural stone tiles. Different types of stones, each with its own hardness level, include:

- Slate often comes in irregular shapes and gives the floor a rustically beautiful look.

- Limestone tiles do not have much color variation from tile to tile, and can be sanded easily and sealed for a smooth, durable surface.

- Marble tiles lend a sophisticated air to any room, and can come in a variety of colors.

- Granite is a very popular choice for its richness of color and the unique look of each individual tile, and is available in hundreds of varieties.

- Travertine is a limestone that is often mistaken for marble. With unique character and patterns, travertine will give your room a one-of-a-kind look.

Each of these choices offers a different look and feel, with a wide range of colors and patterns. The harder, denser materials like granite or slate are also non-porous, making them great choices for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or entryways/mud rooms. Other stones are more porous and may need to be treated or sealed periodically to protect the surface.

Whether you prefer a rougher looking natural stone, a polished smooth look, or anything in between, there is likely a natural stone flooring tile choice that will give you the look you want for your new project.