Luxury Vinyl Tile


Vinyl flooring is seen by many people as a cheap flooring option. The fact is that with recent advances in technology, vinyl flooring is not what it once was only 10 years ago. Vinyl is now sometimes labeled as luxury vinyl tile, or LVT. Luxury vinyl tile is named such because it is manufactured so that it closely replicated the appearance and texture of real hardwood, ceramic tile, and natural stone tile, and some people can’t tell the difference between LVT and the real thing.

LVT is made available in tiles or planks. LVT is categorized as “luxury” when it contains a higher concentration of vinyl than regular vinyl flooring. The additional vinyl content allows LVT tiles to be made larger, into different shapes, better visuals, easier maintenance, and better resilience. LVT is constructed in layers with a backing, the vinyl core, a high quality image layer, and the wear layer. After the wear layer is applied the tile is embossed, either by being pressed with a textured metal plate or by using a computer to match the pattern on the image layer. This embossing allows the floor to have a realistic texture in addition to the realistic image layer.

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