Linoleum Flooring For Your Home

Benefits of Linoleum Flooring

Although it is commonly confused with vinyl, linoleum is actually a different material altogether. Linoleum has been used for numerous applications for the past 150 years and is comprised of natural materials. Linoleum flooring is manufactured rom linseed oil, which is the primary ingredient, cord or wood powder and ground-up stone. Linoleum can be recycled and even purchased as a partially-recycled component.


There are many benefits to utilizing Linoleum flooring in the home or office.


Linoleum is available in an array of patterns, colors and styles to fit any décor. There are even vintage linoleum options for those who are seeking a retro look. Due to its ease of cutting, some homeowners have combined numerous colors and patterns to completely customize their flooring options.


As one of the most resilient flooring options available, it can last up to 40 years with constant, daily usage. This type of flooring can handle high traffic without showing signs of wear making it an excellent option for households that have children. Its durability is unmatched by many other flooring material options.

Easy Cleaning

In addition to their excellent durability, linoleum floors are also resistant to water and other types of liquids making them an ideal choice for kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms. This resistant flooring is easy to clean and almost maintenance-free with the occasional mopping necessary.

Green Flooring Option

As a result of its natural composition, linoleum is an anti-bacterial and biodegradable material. Therefore, once you finally near to replace the flooring after half of a generation of use, it can be naturally recycled.


The most noticeable advantage is the price. This material is considerably less expensive than other flooring options you may be considering.

Scratch/Scuff Proof

Every patch of linoleum flooring has a protective lay on top that wards off scuffs, scratches and even dirt. This is one of the primary reasons linoleum lasts for such a long time and is utilized in flooring options.

Linoleum is an excellent flooring option with a large amount of flexibility, aesthetically-pleasing, durable, green and a completely resilient flooring option. There are two companies that primarily sell the material in the United States – Forbo Marmoleum and Armstrong Marmorette. It is shipped in tile or sheet form but simply needs to be hand-cut upon receipt.