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Authentic and natural, hardwood flooring is a smart addition to homes old and new. A durable option for spaces of all sizes, hardwood flooring is a perennial favorite and there’s certainly a lot to love about it. If properly cared for, your hardwood floor will last for generations.

Are you considering hardwood for your home or business? If correctly installed, hardwood floors will add significant value to your property. However, hardwood flooring isn’t a wise choice for humid or wet areas, or for spaces that fall below grade. Our experts can help you determine which type of flooring is right for your space and budget.

Solid Hardwood vs Engineered Hardwood

When it comes to modern-day hardwood flooring, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Today’s consumers may choose between two major families of hardwood: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood.

A true classic, solid hardwood is made from a single plank of wood. Solid hardwood – which is often found in antique homes – can be refinished over and over again and can last for generations. It isn’t a good choice for spaces below grade.

Engineered hardwood has a similar appearance but is built in layers. This results in a floor that’s denser and more resistant to dents. Engineered hardwood can be installed below grade and in finished basements, but can only be refinished once or twice over its lifetime.

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Hardwood Styles

When it comes to hardwood species, variety is the name of the game. Engineered and solid hardwood flooring is available in wood species from all over the world, giving today’s consumers more options than ever before. There are tried-and-true traditional hardwoods, like oak, pine, and hickory, as well as more exotic varieties like mahogany and teak – and everything in between.

Our Hardwood Flooring Selection

At Kimball Carpet One Floor & Home in Medicine Hat,  we’ll help you find a floor you can feel great about. We’re proud members of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world’s largest flooring cooperative: this affords us the luxury of staying true to our locally-owned roots, while still offering you top quality, exclusive hardwood flooring brands you won’t see anywhere else.

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