Care Tips For Your Hardwood Floor

A hardwood floor is an excellent addition to your home that will bring both beauty and character. Over time this beauty can inevitably fade once your floor becomes worn, so why not prolong your floor’s wear as much as possible? Simple regular cleaning can go a long way to preserve your floors appearance, and we will give you some tips on how to do so.

As with all types of floors, you will first want to refer to your floor’s manufacturer recommendations for the best care practices for caring for your floor. Using certain cleaning agents or equipment can permanently damage your floor and void your product’s warranty.

You will want to sweep your floor daily. Dirt particles can scratch your floor’s finish, so minimizing the amount of dirt will greatly increase the life of your floor. Using doormats in entrances and area rugs in heavy traffic areas will also greatly decrease the amount of dirt that is tracked onto your floor. Be careful if you put an area rug in an area that receives a lot of direct sunlight; sunlight can cause discoloration of your floor and if you move the rug there will be an obvious difference in color between where the floor has and hasn’t been exposed to sunlight.

You should vacuum or dry mop your floor at least once a week. This will remove most loose dirt that sweeping didn’t take care of. Dry mop treatments should be used with a dry mop, but make sure you are using a treatment that won’t damage your floor. Damp mopping is also acceptable on most floors, but you should take caution to not use too much water. If your mop is properly rung out, then your floor’s finish should adequately prevent moisture from penetrating the surface. Speaking of which…

Eventually your floor’s finish is going to wear to the point where your floor is no longer adequately protected. You can perform a simple test to see if your floor needs to be refinished by placing a drop of water on your floor’s surface. If the water beads up and doesn’t soak in, your finish is still good. If it soaks into the surface, then the wear layer is not doing its job and your floor should be refinished. Perform this test on areas of the floor that receive the most traffic and try to perform the test on multiple spots on the floor to make sure you don’t miss any potential problem areas.

If you have any questions about which procedures or which cleaning products are safe to use on your floor, don’t hesitate to ask us! You can visit our showroom at 578 South Railway Street SE in Medicine Hat, AB or give us a call at 587-801-0779!