The Value Of Carpet For Your Stairs

Carpet For Your Stairs

Carpeting a floor is so frequent, people take for granted how much insulation and protection it provides a home and resident from the foundation below. However, particularly in two-story homes and bigger, the stairs often represent a big challenge. Receiving as much traffic as the main hallway, stairways not only see the highest amount of use, they also take the extra impact of gravity as people climb and descend with their full weight every day. Over time, that kind of traffic and pressure can wear down the best of surfaces. Fortunately, there are carpeting options for stairs, but proper installation is critical in making sure these covers stay in place and do their job for years to come.

Homeowners typically have two categories of choices: regular carpet for stairs and stair runners. Regular carpet involves a full surface installation and covering of every stair step. A stair runner, on the other hand, involves a central cover that sits over the main, central part of each stair step, but the edges are left uncovered to show off the original, finished wood of the stairs. Given the colors of runners and stair woods available, a good number of contrasts can be put together for some fairly impressive interior looks.

In both categories the installation needs to be performed correctly to ensure a proper fit and to avoid buckling or lifting. Again, stair covering has to be snug to avoid creating a tripping hazard, especially with how frequently stairs are typically used in an average home.

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